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About Angela


Angela Fritz is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, Sound facilitator, and Reiki Master. Angela had a near death experience from a health issue and she began learning modalities that she found along the way to help herself heal herself. Angela found hypnosis, meditation, mindfulness practices, motivational speakers, books, sound baths, books, journaling, yoga, exercise, sleep, massage, acupuncture, nature, food, and reiki were beneficial to her progress. 
Angela started her practice in 2019 teaching others how to overcome obstacles they might be facing that are difficult to navigate and overcome on their own. Angela believes that we are all here to have human experiences. Learning from the experience rather than judging the experience is a key to healing from what no longer serves you. Angela enjoys helping others relax and go within. So much insight and understanding of yourself comes from the modalities that Angela facilitates; Hypnosis, sound baths, and reiki are all beneficial to the mind, body, and soul.
Angela opens individuals consciousness bringing awareness and enlightenment to those that she encounters. When working with Angela you notice that vulnerability is part of the process and clarity and insight from your life experiences is what helps you grow as an individual. You'll notice the difference of your mental state after a few sessions feeling calmer and in control.

Do you ever feel...

Stuck in life? Overwhelmed by your problems?

Did you know?

In a study conducted by The Psychotherapy Journal of the American Psychiatric Association, the effectiveness of psychoanalysis, behavioral therapy, and hypnosis was compared.

Psychoanalysis was found to be 38% effective

Behavioral Therapy was found to be 72% effective

Hypnotherapy was found to be 98% effective

( Barrios, A. (1970) Hypnotherapy, A Reappraisal. Psychotherapy: Theory, Research and Practice, Spring Issue)

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